As part of our service to the community, East Dale Realty offers property management to those that want to invest in rentals. I have been managing properties for the last 13+ years and currently work with several people, local and out of town, in managing their rental properties. My goal is to make sure that I find renters that are loyal, dependable, and those that can and will take care of your property. Our service provides background checks, detailed application process, and extensive lease agreements as well as twice yearly home previews to check the condition of the home. We provide a list of experienced and highly qualified maintenance professionals to service the plumbing, heating and air units, electrical and appliances when needed. We go the extra mile to make sure your property is cared for with responsible rentals. Call Bonny, 256.749.8772, or Lee, 334.207.9724, for all your management needs. References available from current property owners that we do business with.